Inconspicuous Imaginarium

welcome, to the imaginarium

This is a night of improv experimentation for members of Copenhagen's growing English-speaking spontaneous comedy community, as well as those interested to know more!

The Imaginarium features both experienced comedians and up-and-coming talent workshopping new formats, techniques, ideas on stage. Some of these show formats may live for this one night only, some may go on to become full shows of their own.

This is a chance to give your support to performers as they try their shows for the first time in front of live audiences. There are deals at the bar and a fun atmosphere.

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past shows

Mixer Workshops

In the spirit of experimentation and collaboration we run short workshops with the intention of bringing a new show to the stage at each Imaginarium.

Improv teachers from across Copenhagen volunteer their time to teach a rag-tag-team of improvisors a new format that they will perform together on stage at the Imaginarium. In 90 minutes teams of improvisors who may have never met learn a show format and then take it to the stage infront of a live audience.