About Us

Inconspicuous is a company dedicated to the art of applied improvisation and spontaneity.

Inconspicuous Comedy is a "theatre without a theatre." We produce live comedy events across different locations in Copenhagen, Denmark. The shows we promote are a hilarious, one-of-a-kind, unique experience.

We are constantly innovating and bringing fresh ideas to our stages. We work hard to create shows and comedy night experiences like no other. 

We ​pride ourselves on providing a platform for new talent and ideas.

We invite creative entertainers to perform at our events to encourage new ideas and the development of spontaneous comedy performers. We believe in taking up-and-coming talent and nurturing them into professional improv comedians.

We encourage new and existing teams to push themselves by experimenting with new techniques formats and working with new performers.

Sarah Mcgillion

Sarah McGillion is the director and owner of Inconspicuous. She is an award winning actress and improviser. She is an improv coach, consultant, teacher, computer scientist, and business owner. She has a background in theatre since the age of 4 and a Masters' degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Sarah started Inconspicuous with two goals:

  • Firstly to showcase spontaneous comedy in a variety of venues in order to reach audiences across Copenhagen.
  • Secondly, she wanted to provide a platform for both professional and up-and-coming talent to perform in front of live audience while bringing the improv community together to collaborate.

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