Private Events

Key Features

We collaborate with you to transform your work culture and event theme into a humorous show


We work with you in preparation for the event to deliver a unique, fully customised show that is relevant to, and resonates with, you and your organisation.


We tailor our shows for the audience we are playing for as well as the medium in which we deliver. Our fast-paced comedy provides an energetic boost to events of any size.


Collectively, the actors have decades of professional performance experience and have performed for audiences from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Sketch for Business

Inconspicuous writers use your input about your company and team to create written sketches based on your corporate culture that are unique and just for you.

These hilarious sketches are written and rehearsed before the event and performed on stage with props and sets. These sketches can also be filmed and released digitally for your colleagues to share on your internal social forums.

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